New Book!

Sanctuary for the WoundedA Sanctuary for the Wounded:
The Civil War Hospital at Christ Lutheran Church, Gettysburg

Christ Lutheran Church was used as a hospital during and after The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863. This newly published book tells some of the stories of the courage and sacrifices of the people who were at the hospital. Now on sale. See details!

Live Performance

Hospital Scene The live performance, Songs and Stories of A Civil War Hospital, seeks to tell the authentic history of a Civil War Hospital in its original setting: Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Candlelight was initiated in 1999, and has been presented on consecutive Saturday evenings each summer plus special performances throughout the year since 1999, (except for 2004 when the church was undergoing restoration and renovation.) Since inception, more than 10,000 people have attended Candlelight at Christ presentations.

MusiciansA typical Candlelight evening begins at 7:30 PM with music on the church steps (weather permitting) followed by the main program in the church proper at 8:00 PM.

The main program typically includes:

  • "(see handout)"
  • a violin prelude, welcoming comments, a brief church history, accounts of Chaplain Howell's death and a local citizen's escape into the church bell tower, first-hand accounts of the Christ Church hospital as told by a wounded soldier and a care-giving nurse, Civil War poetry by Walt Whitman, passages from Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, and music by local musicians.

    See the news story in the Gettysburg Daily.