Reaction to Candlelight Program

"Fabulous! Very moving. A good change from ghost tours."

"Wow! We learned more historical info about the Battle of Gettysburg. Great program -- informative and a refreshing change from the other hubbub."

"It is perfect as is. I have come five years in the last six (and, in the year you were renovating, I bought the CD!). Thank you for doing this!"

"The program is a wonderful gift to others and it is a rich ministry you offer. Thank you for beautifully reminding us how we can minister to others in time of need and hardship. Your congregation has many reasons to rejoice."

"Thank you to the musicians and reenactors and the announcer for this great historical program. At this hour, 143 years ago, men were dying and others were in terrible pain & anxiety. I believe many visitors forget that this is a place of worship and hallowed grounds. Signs to ask for reverence and silence should be posted."

From a neighbor on Chambersburg Street who learned about us from the music drifting through her apartment window: "Thank you for bringing beautiful music to my neighborhood!"

"We have been here several times over the past three years. It is a wonderful thing you are doing for the public. Thank You. God Bless You."

"We think the program is wonderful. Thank you so much. We come to Gettysburg 3 or 4 times a year and each time is better than the last."

"Well-constructed program, professionally executed. Have attended several times before. Longer pre-concert. Drop Ashoken Farewell: lovely piece, but there are plenty of authentic period pieces that could be used."

"This program was great. Please continue!! There was total silence during the readings. We were transferred to an earlier time. Thank you."

"This is a great program for visitors, residents, and re-enactors to attend to experience the total experience of the effects of the 'Battle Of Gettysburg'."

(In a youngster's writing) "My name is Patrick and I loved your program. I will come back every time I come to Gettysburg. God bless you all!!"